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Agro Hub Salt aims to export the world with this precious mineral. Thank goodness you found us.

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Pakistan is the second largest manufacturer & exporter of mineral salts. We supply salt lamps, Salt Candles, Salt Tiles, Salt Spa Items, Salt Granules and also many other Salt product you may need. Our goal is to create lasting relationships with our customers and increase our reach. We believe this objective can be achieved by providing best quality, price and service to our customers.

Agro Hub Group

Agro Hub International group is a company directed by group of investors that are not only restricted to agriculture and mining but also various other fields’ example real estate development, entertainment, garment export etc. You can follow the links below to learn more about each specific business. Even though our company works in diverse products, the vision of our investors remain the same for all its business which is to provide the best value for money for its products with an overwhelming service.

About Himalayan Rock Salt

The main centre of mining is “Khewra” Salt Range which is the world’s 2nd largest salt mine.. Its history dates back to its discovery by Alexander the great’s troops in 320 BC, but it started its operations in the Mughal era ( Date). The main tunnel at ground level was developed by Dr. H. Warth, a mining engineer, in 1872 during British rule. After independence, the Pakistan Mineral Development Corporation took over the mine, which still remains the largest source of salt in the country, producing more than 350,000 tons per annum of about 99% pure halite. Estimates of the reserves of salt in the mine vary from 82 million tons to 600 million tons. Now in 21st century Himalayan Rock salt present as craft items for various kind of uses.